Terms and Conditions

Creating a Dream Step

Dream Builder Pro is a Membership Site. Each Member will receive their own private portal in which they are able to build and work on their own dreams and ambitions.

Dream Builder Pro will maintain any contact details provided by the member and maintain the right to contact the members from time to time with important updates, policy changes or offers that Dream Builder Pro feel may be of benefit to the members.

This may also include affiliate products in which Dream Builder Pro would receive a financial benefit due to the signing up for such offers.

Members may also upgrade to the Paid Pro Version in which they will be able to build multiple dreams as well as receiving additional Pro Member Benefits.

Dream Builder Pro retain the right to cancel without notice any membership that they feel are not adhering to the policies of the site and maintaining an acceptable and appropriate code of behaviour.

The underlying guideline of this site is in alignment of the Declaration of Human Rights as laid out clearly on Human Right Web Site. Any violation of Human Rights expressed, shared or likewise violated will result in the instant cancellation of the offending members subscription.

Any inappropriate content, images or video will also result in such. This includes links posted that lead to such sites.

Bullying of other members or criticism of the dreams that they are created and have shared with other members will not be tolerated. Any evidence of such will result in the instant baring without notice of any such members.

Dream Builder Pro takes no responsibility for any content posted by the members before the discovery and dismissal of such.

The Dream Builder Pro Portal is exclusively designed so that members are able to build, achieve and even share what they are working on. Any members found to be using their membership area for other reasons such as marketing to other members, spamming, sharing porn images, images of violence or injury or any other offensive members will be suspended without notice from this site.

We recommend that you go through all of the tutorial programs and gain a thorough knowledge of how to use this site correctly. The editing tools are very easily to use. The tutorial videos take you through each of them in a very simple and easy to understand way.

The Dream Builder Pro Portal is designed for you. Providing you with a private space in which you are able to build, work on and achieve your own Dreams and Ambitions. Enjoy this powerful tool and may your life never be the same again.

We are here to provide a safe and private portal in which you are able to do so.

We look forward to seeing you on the other side.

Dream Builder Pro Team

Qualifying Clauses:

Dream Builder Pro, it’s Owners, Members or other associates takes no responsibility for:

- The loss of data during and between uses.

- The inability of any members to achieve any step of or their dreams that they have planned out to achieve or these dreams in full.

- Any adverse, emotional effects that the person may feel while working within their portal.

- Any bullying, abuse, etc, that may be received due to sharing your dreams with other members.