About Dream Builder Pro!

Mike King is the author of Dream Builder Pro.

Through his observations and work as a manager in the building maintenance field, Mike observed the when technicians, managers and team members in general where able to understand and achieve their targets, that they were much happier and way more productive.

This was in direct contrast with those that were just working for the hourly rate pay in exchange for the money earned and maintaining a boring day to day view on the working life.

Although this was quite a new concepte for many people coming into the company, it was consistently found that those in a healthy and morale state found this system of working very rewarding both personally and financially and were then after exciting and sharing this concept with others.

Mike then observed this fact to also be consistently true in all areas of his life and could then see this being so very true in other successful people about him and in society. People are as happy as they are able to achieve the targets and goals that they are working towards.

These we also call Dreams. After designing and testing this theory with a simple To Do List containing the secret Dream Builder Pro Weapon and many crazy days with his family and friends achieving great days of production and happiness, Mike took the steps necessary to bring this design to the World Wide Web for all to share.

Enjoy Dream Builder Pro. It is yours for life. May you never be the same again.

Warmly, Mike King and the Dream Builder Team.