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This is the ultimate Dream Builder Software.

Simple to use! Works on all devices.

Quota Blaster Software

Dreams Big or Small, this software is powerful enough and simple enough for the biggest or smallest business builder.

I developed this software firstly for myself so that I could keep track of all of the targets in my company. And as I am sure you know, when you try to keep things up in your head, they seem to disappear and worse of all, time goes by.

All of a sudden it is the next weekly meeting and hardly any targets have been made.

Quota Blaster Frustation

Then comes the next problem, “Where did we write down those targets again?”

Have you ever gone through your computer to clean up your files and found all of those plans and targets that you were going to meet. Now it is a year later and things have change. But if you would ahve stuck to the plan at that time, you would not have been where you are today.

This is normal business for 99.9% of companied on this planet. But you don't have to be in that group.

The most important point here is that you take the weekly quota and get it into this simple and powerful system. At a glance now you are able to see where your company is at. Who is doing what and most importantly, who is holding the fort for your company and who is freeloading.

Quota Blaster Business

Now you are in the realm of becoming a Pro Executive.

You have the production of your company at your finger tips.

An Unhappy Team!

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A Productive Team!

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A Happy Team!

Quota Blaster Car

A Happy Boss!

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This is what being a successful executive is all about. It comes from you, the creator. You control the production that is required for a successful week. A successful month and a profitable financial year.

You can have all of the bright ideas, business systems, fancy websites and talented stuff. But unless they are making the targets set out each week, what you are paying them for, then you success if completely dependable on chance. Luck is not the Key to Success.

It is the quota and only the quota being met each minute, hour, day of your working week that determines whether you are able to cover the extreme costs of business and still have that sweet thing left over called profit.

It is a tough world and only the tigers are the ones that really make it. And it is even tough for those guys, even though they manage to make it look easy. But they are tough and they never let go of their dreams in business and life.

You walk into the office and it is right there. Everyone's production up on the wall of everyone to see. There is no hiding for anyone. Either make the target of you are not on the team.

And who loves this? The player. The producer and of course, The Boss is Very Happy.

Quota Blaster Success Quota Blaster Executive Quota Blaster Business Quota Blaster Profit

Then even more so, you will so much more obviously be able to identify those Non Producers that are pretending to be a part of your team. These are the guys that will do whatever they can to distract you from your success. The last thing that they want is for you become a success. It just exposes them for what they are, Useless Non Producers. Vampires on your success.

So the next time you have a bad week, then you know in an instant who is causing this non production to occur. All of the BS in the world cannot hide the fact that they did not make any money for you.

Nothing or Far Too Little was done in exchange for the money that you are putting in your pocket.

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And remember. Keep your own council. You know what it is that you want to achieve. You are your own guide. Go ahead and make it a reality.

I can’t wait to hear from you on the other side.


Mike King Quota Blaster

Mike King.

Author of Quota Blaster.

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