A Mother and Her Child

I couldn’t help but place this video up and share it with as many people as possible.

A mother to me is the one that lives to protect her baby. Forever if she can.

I hope that this video will empower you and that you share it out also.

Don’t let those Dream Stealers tough your child.

Warmly, Mike King.

father and son time

Father and Son making a Blow Gun

You know, despite having to get all of the work done to run a business here in Sydney, I just want to share some father and son time with you that happened last weekend.

See Father and Son Blow Gun in action

I have an absolute chocker schedule with the new year rolling off and all I could think about was the jobs that I need to land to keep the guys busy and the company rolling. But is the same breath, I have my youngest son and I know that in what will appear like a flicker of my time track and it will all be gone.

That’s right, all grown up, no more father and son time teaching and playing and definitely no more jumping into bed to snuggle with mum and dad.

So this last week of the holidays, we set out on the Dream Builder all of the steps for making a blow gun. Liam found the King of Random video and not only is it a cracker, it is really easy to follow what he does. I appreciate it so much that I have even placed a link to this video at the bottom for you to click on and head over there to check it out.

We worked through it and made a smashing blow gun and all of a sudden, father and son time became random pot shots and explosions around the warehouse time.

So go ahead and check it out and I hope that you can make some father and son time of your own and really enjoy it as we have.

Anyway, as I was saying. it has been completely psychotic getting through the Christmas break and not only trying to keep business rolling, but also fit in social time and contribution time at the church and of course make family time with Liam over the school holidays.

Oh yeh! and I almost forgot Magnus.

Anyway, this is our video. I know you are gonna enjoy it. We cranked it out over a couple of days and now all of the alley cats have completely disappeared due to being stalked by the blow gun ninya, armed with explosive dart. They are awesome.

Pretty fun hey?

So! This  is what I suggest. Go ahead and get a Dream Builder Account. Punch in the steps for making the blow gun and make sure that you give yourself a really cool reward for making the target. You kids will never forget it.

Don’t worry, this is free.

Best Dream Builder Software

This really is the most important lesson that you could ever give them. Get the production done and then have some great loafing time as a rewards.

Let me know how you go yeh!

Cheers, Mike.

Mike King Dream Builder


PS. Enjoy and hope you get some great Father and Son Time as well.

The Dam Busters Documentary

Just thought that I would put up this blog of the dam busters documentary as I always do after completing a web page.

This is the first of many to come inspiring stories of dream builders and legendary generations past that fought for freedom and made our rights what they are today.

Freedom is worth fighting for and we must do so every day from the Human Rights in our home all the way to the top of the Government that works for the people. This we must demand.

You do make a difference. Know your Human Rights and ensure that everyone around you also does.

I hope that you enjoy the Dam Busters Documentary.

The Dam Busters Documentary on Youtube


The Dream Builder Technique

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Using Subtitles

This was my first run at using subtitles on Liam’s channel

I took a minute of two to get the hang of the time track and even a little time to listen and remember what was being said.

But then the final product was great and really brings life to the video. Especially if a watcher in on the bus on the way to work and surrounded by distractions.

Subtitles are definitely the go!

Hope you enjoy:

You can see more at Liam Ray King

One Power Dream Builder.

Cheers, Mike King

Sex Scandal. 12 Year Old Boy Exposed

Shock! Horror!

Sex Scandal

This poor 12 year old boy exposed to such horrific advertising. What are the advertising companies trying to do to our youth. Our future leaders.

I think that they are tougher than they thing.

All we wanted to do was to take a break and head around the block. Taking Magnus, the cute pug, for a walk around the block.

This cute pug puppy is actually grown up now. But he is always going to be a puppy to us and the star of our show.

Sex Scandal for 12 Year Old Boy


But as a proud dad, I see my son able to read and interpret the written word so easily and freely and to not take things literally. He is able to spot the humour in the test so fast and make a lot of fun out of it.

This is definitely the product of having an Athena School Education where he has learned the skill and competence of Study Technology. Knowledge is Power and when you have a high level of literacy, the world is your oyster.

See you on the other side and don’t forget to subscribe.

Liam Ray King

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timelapse sunset

Time Out for a Timelapse Sunset

Or is that Time Lapse Sunset. Spell check tells me there is a space. But the timelapse feels like one word to me.

So I was placing up my video that you can see here below and I couldn’t help but click on the image to the Brian Bielmann video. The image was just, without a doubt, the most epic big wave shot I have ever seem. Epic!

Anyway, I actually was putting up this one of the TImelapse sunset taken on Boxing Day afternoon. There is also a little one to just before it showing the storm front coming through. It looked really powerful, but  it never hit. That was until about 12am that night.

Wow! Southerly Buster straight into the house.

Hope you are having a great Christmas break as well. Tomorrow we take the boat out.


Mike King Dream Builder

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Huge Storm Front

Great Timelapse Sunset

To Capture Awesomeness

Ok Guys! Christmas feasting is over and I am back to Dream Builder and ready for 2016 to smoke.

Featured here: Brian Bielmann

I just thought I would put this video up that I came across today. This is a great minibio of a guy who jumped on his first road trip and found himself right in the middle of his life purpose.

My guess it is something like “To Capture Awesomeness” or something insane like that.

I love trying to guess what a guys purpose it. You see these guys when they are on fire and just land on their feet no matter what. This is a life living on purpose and not giving a hoot about what anybody says. That is security.

Yep! I’d say something like that.

To Capture Awesomeness

Brian Bielmann certainly captures it here. As in his own words, where does he go from here?


Thanks Brian Beilmann for an inspiring video before bed.

See you on the other side:


Mike King Dream Builder

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Great Family Day

Today was just a great family day!

After a huge Christmas day, we came back to the lake house and then slept till about 11am. The girls started with some cooking and stuff with the new Christmas day cooking gadgets and me and Liam got prepared for a bit of fishing.

This is the sunset at the end of the day.

This was a Great Family Day

We didn’t have much success with the fishing, just a few baby bream. But it was great diving under the water and watching them taking the bate apart.

Tomorrow we are going to get the Go-Pro down there and film it.

It is now 4:34am the following morning. A huge Southerly buster hit about an hour ago and woke us all up. But the way I figure it, it is nothing like what those guys in the Sydney to Hobart are in the middle of right now. Seems every year a big buster is guaranteed for these guys.

Ok! Tomorrow we are aiming at getting another Liam Ray King video up. I will post it here as well. Liam is a power house dream builder.

See you guys tomorrow after another great family day.


The Dream Builder Technique

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Dream Builder SSL

Getting Dream Builder transferred across to a superior Blue Host was quite a task.

I decided to go with Blue Host as they come highly recommended from an associate and after reading through reviews and the site spec, I feel that I have found the long term and reliable hosting service for Dream Builder Pro well into the future.

The main issue that I had transferring across was the fact that I had an SSL tied up in the original hosting. So when Dream Builder popped up at another IP address, the internet was detecting it as an insecure site.

That means a big red line through the https and a warning to browsers.

I knew that I would be able to fix this, but my concern was that after working through the Google Rankings with this new Dream Builder PHP Pages, that I was going to look my rankings.

So I just worked with the guys at Blue Host and we step by step nailed it.

Here you can see that lovely green lock showing up with the SSL protecting the site in the browser.

Important to have SSL on Dream Builder

That little green lock looks cool hey!

We are set to roll out well out and excitedly into the future Dream Builders! Hang on and enjoy the ride.

Mike King Dream Builder

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